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Welcome to Venus and Mars Autos - Providing The Best For Less!

Venus and Mars Autos is a family owned and operated used cars sales business located just fifteen minutes from the Melbourne CBD. With over 60 years of combined car sales experience we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and offer our valued customers the best cheap high quality used cars. At any given time we have between 60 and 70 used cars for sale and we're here to help recommend a car to suit your requirements within your budget.

Our motto 'Providing the Best for Less' means Venus and Mars Autos  gives you the best cheap used cars Melbourne has to offer at the cheapest possible price!

We simplify the car sales process and can also offer our customers car loans, finance and extended warranty options. Above all we provide professional automotive advice and care to help you find that special car that you deserve.

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Why are Venus and Mars Autos Cars So Cheap?

Venus and Mars Autos are always looking for the best used car deals Australia wide. Because we operate our family business from a warehouse, and market our cars for sale online through and our own Venus and Mars Autos website, we don't have any of the traditional and exorbitant running costs associated with a showroom and display yard. Therefore, we can proudly offer our used cars for sale at much lower prices and don't have to pass on any unnecessary extra costs to you.

Even our competitors can't come close to matching our cheap cars for sale because ultimately our used cars are priced close to wholesale vehicle prices.

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How Do I Know I'm Buying A Car Of High Quality?

When it comes to quality we're quite fussy here at Venus and Mars Autos! We carefully hand-pick and select high quality used cars to purchase; then test all our cars for prior structural damage or defects, analyse histories are evaluated and our professional mechanics do a thorough road worthy check before a used car will be accepted for sale. This means that not only are you getting the best price, but also a high quality vehicle.


So why choose Venus and Mars Autos ?

It's simple! We encourage our customers to shop around locally in Victoria to see for themselves that when it comes to quality vehicles, low prices and great customer service, Venus and Mars Autos Melbourne will ultimately be the right choice for you.


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We have a wide range of high quality cars with the lowest prices in Victoria.

We manage our stock online to provide you with next to wholesale prices so you can shop with confidence knowing you're getting the best deal possible.

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We're always happy to discuss your car requirements and remember our car prices can never be beaten!

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